The Strike Zone of Digital Signage

There is a definite “sweet spot” or “strike zone” that applies to digital signage projects as illustrated here..

Home Plate Digital

The end user team, including its advisors and suppliers have a growing degree of knowledge about the medium including what can be expected of its application and how to achieve business and communications value. On the vertical axis is the level of deployment that has occurred or is planned.

Strike Zone of Digital Signage

The sweet spot is when the level of deployment (i.e. investment) is supported by adequate knowledge. Experimentation and learning while doing can include a limited deployment that coincides with the level of knowledge of the medium.

Where deployment is proceeding without adequate knowledge, the project is doomed to failure or lack of additional build-out.

The benefits are not fully realized when there is a lower level of deployment than could best serve the organization’s goals.

Knowledge about objective-setting, content strategy and composition, technology infrastructure, optimization and the use of impact analytics position the end user to maximize their return on investment.


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