Digital Signage Addresses Customer Experience Problems

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Customer experience (CX) drives revenues in retail, food services and consumer service locations. The benefits of branding, merchandising and improvement to the ambiance, vitality and staff communications that are provided simultaneously at locations by digital signage serves CX goals.

As North American retailers invest over $125 billion in technologies annually to manage operations, cut costs and improve customer experience, digital signage is one of the high growth elements of this investment.

In a Temkin Group survey, 55% of brands indicated their intentions to improve CX because satisfied customers purchase more, forgive the brand for breakdowns more readily, have greater trust for the brand and are more willing to recommend the brand.

Gartner, Inc., the world’s leading information technology research provider noted that 47% of the 4,000 CX Executives worldwide currently use digital and e-commerce strategies to support goal achievement. Digital media is one of the 50 CX projects that billion dollar companies are currently focused on noted said Ed Thompson, Garner VP and Distinguished Analyst. He added that $100 million firms typically have a dozen major CX projects moving forward at any one time.

According to Gartner research, 31% of projects are funded by Marketing and 15% by the Customer Experience function.

CX is heavily focused on metrics and analysis since in creating strategies, knowledge is powerful.

If “power” is defined as the abilty to effect outcomes, the power of consumers to impact the success of brands and retailers has never been greater. It is on his basis that Voice of the Customer programs within the marketing function have such importance.

But beyond their ABC of attention, browse and comments, consumers provide feedback by their actions, interactions and transactions. The “big data” that describes the brand engagement experience holds the key to brand success. It is the 1-2 punch of analysis followed by actions that makes data useful to validating investment.

“Not all people matter equally to the business” says Paul Pacheco, SVP, Customer Strategies, TNS Canada in describing that an occasional patron is less important to the business than a loyal, high volume patron. TNS recommends that brands focus on the optimizing and improving the touch points for the people that matter most. See other Customer experiences resources here.


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